Sunday, December 14, 2014

Question mark

Hello here i am... again. 

Finally after 7 months, i wrote something new in my blog. What's that supposed to mean? Maybe i just lost my interest on blogging, i didn't have much time or maybe my life is not excited and happy like before.. maybe. 

7 months. After i resigned from MRCB, a working place where i met my awesome teammates. My ex-boss  who i can learn a lot of things from her. Senior who i can rely on and the others who can help each other like sister and brother.

So here i am. My life feels like giant question mark. My awesome teammates were gone. I myself am standing alone without dunno what exactly i do. Do you know how much i keep telling myself to stay positive and have faith? More than hundred times! 

7 months. My perception into 'something' still not change. Even i have found some people who i can talk to. Can i tell u a secret that i feel dumb and more dumber as day goes by? Yeaaa that's exactly what i felt. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kesal dan sesal?

Sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tiada gunanya?” kali ni bukan nak ajar pepatah melayu.  Siapa tak pernah rasa menyesal dengan keputusan korang buat? Tak pernah?  Krik krik krik harus tiada jawapan. Sebab aku cakap sorang, tulis pun syok sendiri. lol

Rasa menyesal itu normal. Tapi ada yang kata “eh apa regret – regret nih”. Huh? Tak salah kata menyesal. Tak bermakna kita tak bersyukur. Dan yang paling best siap judge lagi, why , why , and why? Macam lah dia ni tak pernah merungut. So, please try to put yourself in my shoes, then u will understand. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nina's Baby Shower Party

30.12.2013. Dip n Dip, The Curve. Happy! Berjumpa kembali my ex-colleagues untuk baby shower party, and happy untuk Nina juga for her first baby! :)

Source pic: Mai Ahmad

The deco? thumbs up to my girlfrens yang creative dan bersunggguh2 sampai Nina menangis terharu. Cik organizer, Mai yang berjaya mengumpulkan kami yeay!