Sunday, May 30, 2010

Usia.. kenapa nak berahsia??

A : eh umur u bpe yer?
B : u rase bpe?
A : urmmm.. xx years I guess..
B : hehe.. x laa.. xx years. (a big grin on face)

Of course laa kan kite akan tersenyum lebar when si A told us like.. “hey u look more younger on ur age n that’s y I thought u xx years..”.. dan x pasal2 plak kiter akan say thank you kpd si A + blushing rite?? =D But wat happened if si A said “owh u look more matured” so si A thought >actual age.. automatically si B akan tarik muke mcm x bleh terima ayat penyata yg kuar dr mulut si A! Berbeza masa zaman kanak2.. bler orang kata kite ‘besar’ kiter suke.. “laa darjah 4 ker ingat darjah 6” .. kite akan sengih smpai telinga.

Certain people ssh nak share age dorang. Bler tanya.. “I 30++.. or i tua dr u..” always happened when meeting with new fren or fren to fren or around ur colleague. Ini bkn facebook if u wants to keep a secret. Bler kiter teka umur lbeh dr spttnyer mulalah.. “ do I look like 30?? “ see.. y not u just tell the truth. Bler teka salah tiba2 nak kerek.. so .. kenapa nak berahsia??

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Happy !!

Yeah! Sunday again.. today im happy n up with frens yg jarang skali aku jupe.. Mimi, Abby, Aneng n Jaja(kwn mimi) so nice to meet u Jaja =). Wlopn aku excited tp still bgn lewat.haha "cpt sket aunty!" since abby dh text dgn tanda seruan aku terus jd lipas kudung.jeans and cardigan.make up? Huh bdk compact sudaaaa..

First port kt ikea.Lunch meatballs kat foodcourt.msg2 update life cmne,bla bla n citer lama2 stat gelak cm hiseria + smapi kuar air mata.uncle kt blkg dh sound dgn ekor mata.. 'sorry'!!.. As usuall pon kat sini mmg pack so mmg x leh borak lama2.

Beralih ke 2nd port @Coffee Tea House continue... talk about our work life kwn aku kata "aku x sanggup keje cmni (lawyer) smpai tua.near 40 aku nk duk umah". Yup,dont push urself too hard if u dont want too but sometimes we have to take it as challenge.My fren said quite true since kiter perempuan smpai tua ker tgk file client,tekan calculator or design bangunan.unless some1 yg btol2 passion ngan career and she seems married wif her job,it's up to them actlly.Tepuk dada tanya minda.Citer punyer citer kul 6 br blk.bfr tu smpat round flea market,mng,body shop (sale!)..

Ape2 pon im happy today since last 5 days working was sucks and today we care to share.Yes, I AM HAPPY!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Momentous Quote

Saje nak share his 30s scnd speech..
Sgt bagus utk difahami dan memahami..
I received this from my colleague.
So tiba2 plak time tu teringat chit chat with my fren.

She : boring laa life cmni.. bla bla… (she’s very2 passionate ngan keje dia.tgk
position la kann)
Me : (anjat aku time tu.. x prnh2 dia talk personally)
hang out laa ngan ur frens..
She : my frens ramai dh kawen so susah laa nk juper.. but u know wat I mean rite?
Me : cari laa kwn baru aunty.. ‘kawan’ baru (smirk) ala tgk la diri u..
x kan x der org nak kwn (smirk again)
She : I regret laa mase 20++.. I xder life pun..C x smua I dpt.
Me : x salah pon u work hard tp pandai2 laa u spent cmner pon at least
smpan sket utk diri u..(funny plak since aku bg advice kat dia kan..)
she : urm..
Me : x terlambat lg laa.. serius.. u ader admirer kan..bkn I x tau..
She : huh yg tuu....??
Me : c.. u yg picky.. if u nak kwn x pyh memilih..
She : haha okey.. u pon x pyh tggu lame2.. kawen cpt2 nnti tggu2 lambat cam i..
Me : errrkk??

So aunty2 and uncle2..
Especially yg working hard..
Pandailah2 korang cari moral nyer yer...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i-city Shah Alam

Last weekend g i-city shah yupss me and cik rina =) Nak elakkan jammed and problem parking (istilah yg sebenar adalah rebut parking) bertolak awal n finally we got comfortable parking there... and I attach some pics yg sempat catch that night.

This place was amazing huh??..very colourful. I like Sakura flower version-small flowers + purple white.n then the colourful trees.dunno dorang decorate.cost yg sgt mahal i guess..

Different version.. colorful butterfly,moonstar,peacock,swan,deer n horse...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day Mom ..

This is a special day dedicated to all moms and as a day to honor them.yup! Every mom deserved it. But may have we wait on May only to wish “mom, I love u so much….” Or give present, the best trip ever, special dinner, offer window shopping, and else…. Did we treat them well only on Mothers’ Day??? Is it possible we treat them anytime we got a chance or should I say every month??

I like the people think ‘Mother’s Day is every day .’.. by remembering our mum love, sacrifice, caring,. Thinking of how her smiles make we feel better, her warm, and the way she pampered us. I don’t have to wait this special day coming, to kiss and hug my mom coz I did it every time I see her. Every time I go back hometown and every time I got chance…

People nowadays keep busying with their own life, working hard and not realize what happened around them. So this special day remind us (especially for those who need hammer to bang their head) at least to have a little thought about our MOM’s LOVE. Come on guys do catch up with your mom and appreciate her every single time!

Love Your Mom First And Always

Friday, May 7, 2010

Fashion Show @ Green Party

This Fashion Show was held on 6 May 2010 at The Curve.The show start about 8pm..The theme is green.

Sarimah - Host of the show.

Zahnita - one of models who present the fashion dress.

Green dress is awesome!! haven't enough space to put all the pictures(gorgeous dress and hot models).

~end of the show ------------->

These my lovely colleagues.. also in green.. i owe them actually =p !!! Mai thanx for these photo =)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iron Man 2

Movie Blockbuster ni dh start tayang kat semua cinema.Followers Iron Man 1 for sure nk continue version 2.

Genres : Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation and Sequel
Running Time: 2 hr. 5 min.
Starring : Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Scarlet Johansson, Samuel L.Jackson

30 April night - eight halls at Cathay Cineplexes e@Curve tayang movie nie.No other movies.All hall packed!!Since this movie aku x berkesempatan lagi nak tgk.i interviewed my frens.Most said yg 2nd one lagi of my frens bg tau coz ader Scarlet Johansson =)so... i can't wait to watch Iron Man 2.Compulsory activity for this weekend!!!

Que up buying ticket at Cathay Cinema

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's judging me??

i dunno what the hell happened to this crazy women? i HATE her.i HATE her.i HATE her.Should i repeat for 100 times or more?yup I'm not tired to repeat it.I'm not regret doing this.but why i always pretend to be nice with her?

Because... i can see the consequences if i just shout at her "hey you are the craziest women i have met,"you always think that you absolutely doing the right things and people around you make all the mistakes,"you can't accept.. "i did??no way!" like you only the perfect person on the earth,huh??

She makes me sick! she really has no idea how much it was but if she keep judging me all the time, i promise I'll screaming at her and HUNT her down!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crocs Lovers

Last friday..
After lunch kat Teh Tarik..
Me with my colleague serbu ikano..
Dunno where the exactly place.. just tinjau2 shop lot crocs - in front Brands Outlet

“warehouz sales tu kat level 2”…
Owh Level 2…
Maka bergegas2 la kami ke level2
makin dkt dgn that place
makin excited..
maner tak nyer ..
aunty2 uncle2 borong crocs penuh beg plastics..
time tu aku dh mimpi2..nak beli yg tu..yg nie..

what the….
Close until 2.30pm??
Tinjau2 kat dlm.. wooo ramai gler org.
Yg kat luar pon masih setia tggu.. (muke penuh harapan beb!)
Mayb x nak pack.. so close for temporary..
But why at this time?
I only got the chance right now.. (after 5pm I hv smthg to do)

Sudah tertulis kah??
“hey mmg u x der rezki.. balik jer laa ofis”-inner voice
Yerrrr… im very sad and frustrated!!
At that time.. crocs yg aku mimpi2 tu tiba2 lenyap.