Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crocs Lovers

Last friday..
After lunch kat Teh Tarik..
Me with my colleague serbu ikano..
Dunno where the exactly place..
k.org just tinjau2 shop lot crocs - in front Brands Outlet

“warehouz sales tu kat level 2”…
Owh Level 2…
Maka bergegas2 la kami ke level2
makin dkt dgn that place
makin excited..
maner tak nyer ..
aunty2 uncle2 borong crocs penuh beg plastics..
time tu aku dh mimpi2..nak beli yg tu..yg nie..

what the….
Close until 2.30pm??
Tinjau2 kat dlm.. wooo ramai gler org.
Yg kat luar pon masih setia tggu.. (muke penuh harapan beb!)
Mayb x nak pack.. so close for temporary..
But why at this time?
I only got the chance right now.. (after 5pm I hv smthg to do)

Sudah tertulis kah??
“hey mmg u x der rezki.. balik jer laa ofis”-inner voice
Yerrrr… im very sad and frustrated!!
At that time.. crocs yg aku mimpi2 tu tiba2 lenyap.

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