Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day Mom ..

This is a special day dedicated to all moms and as a day to honor them.yup! Every mom deserved it. But may have we wait on May only to wish “mom, I love u so much….” Or give present, the best trip ever, special dinner, offer window shopping, and else…. Did we treat them well only on Mothers’ Day??? Is it possible we treat them anytime we got a chance or should I say every month??

I like the people think ‘Mother’s Day is every day .’.. by remembering our mum love, sacrifice, caring,. Thinking of how her smiles make we feel better, her warm, and the way she pampered us. I don’t have to wait this special day coming, to kiss and hug my mom coz I did it every time I see her. Every time I go back hometown and every time I got chance…

People nowadays keep busying with their own life, working hard and not realize what happened around them. So this special day remind us (especially for those who need hammer to bang their head) at least to have a little thought about our MOM’s LOVE. Come on guys do catch up with your mom and appreciate her every single time!

Love Your Mom First And Always

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