Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm Happy !!

Yeah! Sunday again.. today im happy n up with frens yg jarang skali aku jupe.. Mimi, Abby, Aneng n Jaja(kwn mimi) so nice to meet u Jaja =). Wlopn aku excited tp still bgn lewat.haha "cpt sket aunty!" since abby dh text dgn tanda seruan aku terus jd lipas kudung.jeans and cardigan.make up? Huh bdk compact sudaaaa..

First port kt ikea.Lunch meatballs kat foodcourt.msg2 update life cmne,bla bla n citer lama2 stat gelak cm hiseria + smapi kuar air mata.uncle kt blkg dh sound dgn ekor mata.. 'sorry'!!.. As usuall pon kat sini mmg pack so mmg x leh borak lama2.

Beralih ke 2nd port @Coffee Tea House continue... talk about our work life kwn aku kata "aku x sanggup keje cmni (lawyer) smpai tua.near 40 aku nk duk umah". Yup,dont push urself too hard if u dont want too but sometimes we have to take it as challenge.My fren said quite true since kiter perempuan smpai tua ker tgk file client,tekan calculator or design bangunan.unless some1 yg btol2 passion ngan career and she seems married wif her job,it's up to them actlly.Tepuk dada tanya minda.Citer punyer citer kul 6 br blk.bfr tu smpat round flea market,mng,body shop (sale!)..

Ape2 pon im happy today since last 5 days working was sucks and today we care to share.Yes, I AM HAPPY!!

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