Friday, June 18, 2010

Best friend or 'Best preng' ..

How long u know your best friend(s)?? 3 years?? 4,5 years?? If u knew them more than 10 years and your intimate friendship is still there, be proud of yourself! .. coz u was labeled as Loyal Friend !

So what is ‘best preng’ ?? best preng slalo dikaitkan dgn statement “haaa.. tu best preng ko laa tu..” obviously that person kiter x suker might be coz her/his manner, appearance, n other reason yg menyebabkan kite x suker dia.
Tp .. what happened when ‘best preng’ turn to be your best friend?? How that happened?? i.e: u have a big trouble, and your best2 friend ignored u but guess what the ‘best preng’ be your superhero at that time. So from there u baru realize who she/he really was. Same thing juge bile u met a new friend and she/he seems lebih ‘ngamness’ dengan diri u compared to your best friend.

From these two scenarios, “please don’t judge your best friend." But trying your best to keep and maintain a good lasting friendship even u r hurting by her respond. If u need to talk just talk and try to make it clear. Just remember, nobody perfect. If she/he doesn’t want to be your best friend then don't. You will meet a lot of people and you will find more better people that deserves your friendship!

p/s : Thank God, I still care for my bff(s) .. =)


  1. hahaha...banyak new words belajar hari ni..ngamness....yeah rite, after being frens for 10 years, u cannot get her/his out of your life anymore.

  2. 'ngamness'word i learn from my lecturer.. =p
    Friendship should be Forever..!!

  3. Nowdays..really hard to get bestfriend especially the person who are really honest to you.

  4. sokong statment anda di atas!!

  5. best preng sounds like "best prank". ahaks..

    sometimes we often count on our bff in most situation. don't take bff as granted. we still have to solve our problem by ourself first before we ask others..if we keep repeating ask his helps, sometines bff also feels annoyed. then, bff can be just normal friend.

    mmg ssh pon nak cari kawan baik..tapi yg paling penting kita kena baik kpd org lain sblm harapkan org lain baik kpd kita..

    nice entry cik faza..:)

  6. wah thanx.. nway i suker komen u..=)

  7. haha luv this statement. terbekk.~