Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I wonder...

Hang out with Miss Rina..we leisure at Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja. Even main misi n visi kami bukan laa nak bershopping tp still ter..capai juga kemeja sehelai dua.hehe utk menambah ofis suite actually –wink

One hour passed, time to have dinner! We r looking for fast food and Miss Rina mengeluarkan kata2 emas yg bermakna “cakap jer nak mkn aper..aku belanja”.. what im going to respond is.. just three alphabets “YAY!”

As we walk around.. we saw an event. Very happening and great crowded with kids + parents. The other side, I saw beautiful parrot. Real ker patung nie? Excited plak aku nk tgk close-up. Sgt cool! Hehe I started to snap some pics.. 2 times click all of a sudden the bird making noise. It seems the bird not comfortable.

Aunty xx : I think your flash
Me : ?????? (she thought my hp flash making the parrot not comfortable?)
Aunty xx : Your flash (raising her voice)
Me : Oh sorry.. (dunno what im sorry for..)

Then I stepped back and kept my hp. But the bird keep noise again.. again.. why?? Aunty xx still there while taking few pictures of the parrot. The ‘click’ sound (from Aunty xx’s hp definitely!!) I heard clearly at the back (bleh tahan kuat..) and now I wonder .. my flash or her ‘click’..????


  1. baru puas hati boleh komen ni. Dia terkejut kot tengok muka auntie tu..hahaha

  2. hahaha lawak2.. =D
    so i should add one more..
    my flash,her click or... her face???

  3. aktif budak ni berblog...

  4. hehe.. nnti2 kiter ajak =p