Tuesday, October 26, 2010

25 thingy things about me .. (",)

balik jer dari cuti..aku kene tag
penat x abes lagi.. tapi harussss aku reply coz biler aku kena tag means aku diingati (that's sweet of u )and thank u guys for that :) betol x aunty ija n pakcik kf.. hahaha

Sooo.. I make the 1st one from aunty Ija then my next entry.. I reply for 2nd one from pakcik kf key.. Lets check it out !!

This tag from aunty Ija ( she still Ms. but u know i like to call her 'aunty'..n then she started to call me 'nenek' :D)

Once u have been tagged , u r supposed to write a note.
With 25 random things, fact, habits, or goal about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. U have to tagged the person who tagged u. If I tag u, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. i love green.. yes! I always love green

2. Saya takut kucing ..lalallallala

3. I hate Monday.. I hope Monday will remove from our calendar.. and if it happens I will start to hate Tuesday muahahha

4. the youngest gurl in my family members ..i am!!

5. addicted to coffee.. the smell is sooooo gud!!!

6. Hate to wake up early on Sunday..

7. Desperate Housewife is my favorite tv series ever.. and I have dvd collection for 1-5 seasons

8. I heart my blog

9. I like these words - MONEY MONEY MONEY hahahha

10. I want to make friends and I always did :)

11. Hypocrite persons ?? .. owh I never like them !!

12. Sometimes im very serious with my talk and my thinking so if u won’t please back off!!

13. I smiling ear to ear when I chatting with .. tetttttttt

14. I luve my laptop coz it is present from my mom :) muahhhh!!

15. Perfume Paris Hilton.. always stick with me where ever I go..

16. Comfortable to wear cardigan, jeans, and t-shirt where ever.. when ever..

17. Im great cooker?? hah never !!

18. Working with private sector under Boustead property division since april 2010

19. Always motivate myself to be a better person as the day goes by..

20. A plate of rice a day will keep my stomach away.. conclusion..aku haruss mkn
nasi dlm sehari hehe

21. Wearing contact lense .. coz I hate to wear spectacles .. x cun beb!! Muahaha

22. I wish I can meet Ana Ivanovic one day .. she is awesome and hottt!!

23. im picky and choosy.some of u guys know it rite haha

24. When I upset and not in the mood.. I will keep shut my mouth for the whole day.. and please don’t bother me.. coz I will kick u too

25. Never fall in luve ..hahaha cayer x???

soooo.. now my turn nak tag saper plak kan.. tarraaaa u guys have been tagged :
pakcik kf
makcik Ila
pakcik Ajim
pakcik pencacai alim

p/s: nasib baik x 50 things about me.. phewwww ;p


  1. wah sume taraf senior je ni..iyolah faza..!

    takut kucing? emm klu hambe jumpe si faza nnti,bawak 25 ekor kucing buat teman..bhahaha..

  2. no 2 tuuu! same ngn tina. HEHE
    owh, baru tau faza ber'spek' ;)

  3. emm rasanya byk pasal cik f.A.z.A mnunjukkan jodoh makin dekat.anda pasti?entah..

    p/s: dh jwb tag dgn ala kadar (wasatiah dlm arabic..haha)

  4. saya suka kucing. hehe

  5. kf, wehhh serius takut kucing.. if u nak bwk jgk 25 ekor tggu i pakai baju kalis bulu dulu hahaha

    Tina, yay..ada geng !! :P

    Ajim, hahaha sejak bler jadi tukang tilik ni.. nnti2 kiter tgk yg u reply

    Seri, cmner nak bg x takut kucing?? ngeeee

  6. chatting with??sila smbgkn ayat tu....heheh...insya allah..lau ila ok ila buat...sedih la..

  7. Ila, hhaaha nama dia tetttttt.. ;D

    p/s: nape sdey2?? owh i dh bace entry u.. be strong key :)

  8. nenek da jwb tag..nnt dpt adiah coki2 :p