Friday, December 31, 2010

Lets bang 2011 in Mutiara Damansara !!!

2011 will come.. again, my workplace e@curve (one of Mutiara Damansara Commercial Centre), collaborated with the curve and Ikano will be throwing a NEW YEAR CELEBRATION !!!!

guess who the special singer .. yay! Colby O‘Donis will perform.. (who had ft. with Mizz Nina for her single ‘What You Waiting For’), so come with your family & friends to join the celebration as goodbye to year 2010 & usher into year 2011 with a bang!!!

“HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!”

p.s : gud luck to my colleagues especially Advertising n Promotion dept. for this celebration.. though 2moro is public holiday, u guys work pretty hard for the party.. :) cheers!!!


  1. slamat tahun baru..apa azam?

  2. jumpa di sana...

    alamak! tak dapat pergi

  3. fuyoooh bang bang boom!!

  4. sambut kt dataran kot..hehe

  5. slamat taun baru!
    mesti meriah kat curve nnti.
    dah lamee xpegi T__T

  6. Happy New Year 2011. Hopefully tahun baru ini akan membawa seribu rahmat buat kita semua, :D

  7. Happy new year, saya sambut ka sana, tapi datng lambat, sempat laya colbyO ngan fireworks jer,huhu..