Thursday, February 3, 2011

.. *i dunno wat should i put here* UNTITLED!

I am so not in a gud mood last nite.. i have 'something' in my mind and its stuck! i think about it deeply how can i resolve this and this.. coz im not a strong capable person to handle everything and make it on plan. ..

9.30 pm.Im home. Laid back on my couch with thick blanket. i felt damn tired.. headache and sick. While waiting for my favorite tv show "Paris Hilton my new bff"(never fail to follow every single episode).. I fell asleep.. 2 hours passed I woke up and I was feeling dizzy.. just one thing in my mind .. I missed the show!!.. ohw great! coz last nite is the 2nd last show. Damn!

I just go straight to my bedroom. Switch off light.. and before I close my window.. I stared up into the nite sky and sigh "wat a nite" ...

p.s: I just wanna get out of here for a while ..


  1. erkk garu kepala ni faza..

    so today u holiday?
    ok hope be fine n happy..


  2. nope.. today im working..
    n 2moro i will go to somewhere else..
    hepy holiday pakcik!

  3. jgn sedey2...ambil wuduk, baca quran atau yassin..insyaallah tenang..ingat tiap yang baik dtang dr Allah, yg buruk dr kita, dugaan yg datang juga adalah ujian dr-NYA..sabar banyak2 k..

  4. kak nisa.
    thnx for the advise.
    thats nice of u sis ..

  5. beb, somethg that i cant change n resolved..
    its hurt n make me sick now ;'(

  6. hope u will be happy yee..
    senyum selalu

  7. sukehatiaku,
    thnx.. i hope so :)

  8. next week last episode hope tak tertidur yea.. hehehe!!! :)

  9. napa neh..moody ja.....;(ila pn nak moody la..;(

  10. amirrah,
    final episode kan..
    i hope jgn la tertido2 lagi :D

  11. ila, moody sgt x baik.. x nk pk2 dh terpk jgk.. huh! it is life. *sighing

  12. kkadang2 kite happy, kadang2 kite moody! beselah tu babe. chill owez :)

  13. kalau ada masalah jangan simpan sorang2

  14. saya pun tengah mood tak baik, uhuk uhuk...

  15. today,esok n tulat saya ttp keje lah faza..well slmt bercuti dgn happynye...

    klu mkn limau ingat2lah kat urg jauh ni iyer ngee ngee...

  16. lorhhh...are u ok ak faza..??
    ermm...penat sngt larr tuh..tuh yg leh trtdo..
    xpe..skunk kan dah maju....tngk ulngn kat intrnt jewp..tuh pun lau rajin..hehe..

    jaga diri baik2 tau kak faza.. :)