Monday, May 30, 2011

sleepy.. @_@

Monday blues again  + work place looks so numb..  ader yg MC .ader yg take EL. n most of them AL.. so all those things make me so damn sleepy.

I need to take a nap.. only one nap! but  I can’t coz the alligator one  have 4 eyes to catch me! (why the alligator x ambil whatever LEAVE today?)
Faham x perasaan bler kengantukan sudah melampaui batas  n u can’t do anything about that?!
p.s: I’m dreaming on my bed right now..


  1. i paham bila kite mengantuk sgtsgt! mmg kena tido ouh. sbb confirm tak focus nak bwat apa pun kan. take care babe :)

  2. Saya faham sangat perasaan tu, hehe. Sabar je la...