Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sweet Sour 2011

Cepat jer masa berlalu kan.. few days jer lagi ntah aku cam x excited sgt.x kisah la kan yg penting muka aku ttp maintain cam bdk sekolah ..haha perahsantan jap ..ngehh! pe2pon.. aku nk rewind jap significant part 2011 in my life..

SWEET 2011 :)
1.   1. Aku beli Myvi special edition Silver metallic.. *wink2. bayar deposit guna duit saving.. “menabung amalan mulia” :D
2.   2. Have quality time with my big family. We have vacation @ Tioman island..
3.   3. Futsal competition.. we got medal! * x sangka aku blh main futsal :D
4.   4. New year party (2011) @ MDCC is the best ever!

SOUR  2011 :(
1.    1. Aku trpaksa menyewa umah lain coz ader mamat gatal tangan slalo nk bukak tgkap umah   aku.brg2 privasi abes sepah + kene curi.!!!!.aku ngeri smpai skrg.
2.    2. Job .. x der perasaan nk explain.. redha & pasrah konsep nyer
3.    3. Lappy rosak after 6 years..aduhhh!
4.    4. Kete accident.. mula2 aku langgar kete org.. gelap n hujan time tu ok! Few months aku lggr kete org lagi :P tp makcik tu salah.saper sro x reti tgk arah traffic lite.kene saman rm 300.makcik tu kene bkn aku..ngehh!
5.     5. Petronas block our PO n blame me?? Wat the…
6.     6. Close frens jauh di mata *haih…

This year is very challenging..tu pon aku x list kan smua.agak2 laa kan. So maner yg btol2 brkesan melampui batas jer aku list..n i have no issue with relationship frens are family loves me n I have no bf to fight ..hihi 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

i miss them..

I have resigned from D.E.C 5 months ago.. i was not asked by anybody but a SITUATION push me to make the decision..  and i believe something happen for a reason.. 

All gurls above are my colleagues..what i mean my ex-colleague.i have working there almost 2.5's great to know them..Kind-heart.Funny.Supportive.. and i miss them..really.. 

p.s: i can fly more and better!