Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gardenia Bread, Nuggets & Me

I’m starving.. What am I going to eat? While digging through my fridge, I found a packet of chicken nuggets. Ohwww.. again? I get tired of eating the same food for three days straight...!

so I just take two slices of Gardenia bread (only two slices left).. and toast the bread slices on a toaster. While waiting for the toasted, I’m watching tv and my stomach is growling non-stop.

Suddenly, my brother burst into laughter and said “ nih laa roti plg ‘hitam’ lps kene bakar”..  I rush back to the kitchen and.. “ ewww.. these are the most tempting bread i have ever made”.i wanted to cry.

I cursed silently to myself “damn! I have no choice..” as i grabbed the chicken nuggets!! 


  1. *bace sambil senyum kecil*

    eh saya roti bakr yg hitam ni..klu bhse jawa ckp "geseng"..lemak kan rasenya..

  2. * tertinggal ayt lah..

    saya suke roti bakar yg hitam sprti itue...

  3. @kf,
    hitam sgt laa sbnar nyer..smpai x bleh nk mkn :r

  4. must have been watching something interesting on tv that made u forget the toast!

  5. eh syioknya byk emoticon! Hehe *tengah pilih nk guna yg mana*

    I suka mkn roti mcm tu. Then panas-panas tu cepat2 letak cheese dia antara 2 roti bakar. Perhgg mmg superb lah! :robot hehe

  6. Eh tak jd pun robot I?

  7. @whitecappucino,
    its about the setting.. i go to dark part :P

  8. @ninaaa,
    emoticon kat bwh2 sket tu x baper nk jadi sgt..
    guna yg emoticon yg biase2 guna jer ha-ha

  9. Hehehe.. You should check the temperature in the first place. For Gardenia, I recommend you to try Butterscotch and toast them. It really taste delicious! :-)

  10. Your post is so funny :D
    In Indonesia, we call it "Gosong"

    Btw, thank you for coming into my blog :)
    Mind following each other?

  11. We were kinda starving too last nite...i just cook...instant noodle....

  12. kesian dia. ekekeke. roti gelap macam tu best apa. letak jam.fuh! best

  13. huhu..xpa2..luaran je tu..heheee..rsa sedap..kot? :D

  14. hihihi babe, camne bole hangus smpai cmtu? mesti bakar smbil tak sedar. hihi

  15. Thank you.. Yeah, besides posing, I love acting in front of my camera too :p

    Followed :)

  16. hi awak! kita baru follow blog ni. :)
    anyway. sabar eh. kalau ain lapar tetengah malam, mesti paksa tido. kehkehkehkeh.

  17. hihi..hitam xpa,nmpk rangup je tu =D

  18. shafiq, yup. i should double check..haih..

    zulhimi, bleh jer.. yang hangus :p

    anismulia, tq ..

    henrietta, instant noodle take time to cook hehe

  19. tsuraya, kann.. :(

    hazfee, gelap sgt mcm pahit :P

    akuachik, x sedap!

    asfira, HA-HA :O

    ainraus, thanx!

    aniswany, pahit :D

  20. teringat masa kursus dulu.. ada org bakar roti smpai hangus.. nak cover line ambik je la roti hangus tu.. hahaha