Friday, January 4, 2013

Wohoo.. Grey's Anatomy coming back !!

Grey's Anatomy will be airing at 1.00 am every Sunday. 
Oh my.. I'm so excited about this!! 

One of my favourite quote on Season 7:

Callie: I need to see my baby. Cristina: She's mostly tubes and wires. And she looks more like a chicken than a baby. Like a featherless, beakless chicken. You want to wait until she's cuter. Callie: You're the worst godmother everCristina: You picked me.

p.s: Dear my eyes, don't get sleepy.. and please keep open. I have a date at 1am.


  1. suka citer nie...
    game dia pun best.. 8)

  2. Pernah tengok Grey's Anatomy once because Demi Lovato in the episode.hewhewhe

  3. alaaa babe! i never like this series. tatau kenapa but doctor medic ni not my type kot. how can this story so special? tell me tell me. hihi.