Sunday, December 14, 2014

Question mark

Hello here i am... again. 

Finally after 7 months, i wrote something new in my blog. What's that supposed to mean? Maybe i just lost my interest on blogging, i didn't have much time or maybe my life is not excited and happy like before.. maybe. 

7 months. After i resigned from MRCB, a working place where i met my awesome teammates. My ex-boss  who i can learn a lot of things from her. Senior who i can rely on and the others who can help each other like sister and brother.

So here i am. My life feels like giant question mark. My awesome teammates were gone. I myself am standing alone without dunno what exactly i do. Do you know how much i keep telling myself to stay positive and have faith? More than hundred times! 

7 months. My perception into 'something' still not change. Even i have found some people who i can talk to. Can i tell u a secret that i feel dumb and more dumber as day goes by? Yeaaa that's exactly what i felt. 


  1. Fazatul Hanim, bila nak jumpa

  2. Puan ptd, weekend ada tak? Atau blk wangsa maju?